Call Analysis

Call analysis and how it works

With recorded call technology to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, you can also hear exactly how your sales team are performing on each enquiry, not just on infrequent mystery shop calls. The only down side is that finding the relevant enquiries, and listening to and making notes on them can take hours – and those are precious hours that you just can’t spare.

So why not let us do that for you?

We have a dedicated team of trained critiquers who will locate, listen to and analyse a sample of calls into your departments each week and report back in a clear one page summary. Here you can see at a glance your team’s performance in terms of statistics and written summaries of each call.

How can it help you?

  • Spot problems as they crop up – because your calls are monitored weekly, you can spot problems as soon as they appear, so you can intervene in a timely manner and get performance back on track immediately
  • Track week on week your team’s performance – because we provide a weekly score as part of the analysis you can see an accurate picture of how your team performs and reacts to different training and coaching interventions
  • Deal with the cause, not just the symptom – because we provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback you can understand exactly what is happening and why and target specific training needs for each individual